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Mergers and Acquisitions

There are many issues concerning energy investments. Mergers and Acquisitions are also among these studies. Since mergers and acquisitions have the power to affect the Turkish markets to a certain extent, they must have a legal value.

Considering the contribution of the energy market to the development of Turkey, it is necessary to mention liberalization as well as rapid growth. Since the investments made in the energy market are opened to the private sector as well as public financing creates the conditions of competition in the market, it is necessary to make some legal arrangements.

The way for such transactions to gain a legal status is to obtain permission from the Competition Authority. The Competition Authority analyses the conditions of competition while evaluating the current conditions in the market during such transactions. In order to carry out these analyses, the Competition Authority collects information about the undertakings that carry out mergers and acquisitions, as well as the relevant markets.

Among the studies carried out by the Competition Authority is also sharing the data with the public in order to benefit the statistics regarding mergers and acquisitions in Turkey. These data, prepared as Merger and Acquisition Outlook Reports, are presented to the public.

Looking at the content of these reports, in addition to the number of transactions in terms of the sector, transaction values ​​and investor profiles are also seen. In addition, statistics for customizations are also included in the reports. Reports are Publishing every 6 months.

While preparing merger and acquisition reports, consultancy companies operating in the private sector also carry out these studies. When it is desired to define a merger and acquisition transaction, this may be valid for all or a part of two or more undertakings. Within the scope of EMRA, some transactions for legal entities operating in the market must be carried out with the permission of EMRA, while getting support from consultancy companies for such studies is an accelerant.