ACC Energy & Consultancy

Asset Management

For companies in the energy market, experienced teams are needed when it comes to Asset Management. Energy investments can be made through power plants as well as distribution networks. It is seen that market analysis before investment becomes even more important.

Companies that want to invest in energy markets must carry out many studies with a comprehensive perspective. In this process, it may be necessary to evaluate issues such as project design or asset management by experts.

Technical studies required before energy investments; while it continues with the processes of entering the tender, getting the job and starting the business, the scope of this work also includes the maintenance and repair stages. In terms of the commercial activities of the company, asset management should be under the control of experts.

Companies may need advice from consulting companies regarding the financial aspect of their work. Consulting firms are organizations that have sufficient data to conduct market analysis. In addition, the issues related to asset management include the correct short-term optimization of the production portfolio.

Following closely the changes in the intraday markets is an important working step of asset management. Ancillary services market should also be used actively and coordination of power plants and system operators should be ensured. In addition, power plant and imbalance management services that concern stakeholders should also be carried out.

While it is necessary to enter the energy purchase and sale amounts within the wholesale energy trade into the system, following these values ​​is one of the stages related to asset management. Because all these studies are important for the companies, the work of the companies becomes easier thanks to the consultancy on this issue.

Thanks to asset management, it is possible for companies investing in energy markets to obtain data on market analysis. Such market statistics are among the services of private consulting companies. For this reason, it is beneficial for the investing companies to cooperate with consultancy firms.