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Privatization Consultancy

It is necessary to have knowledge about process management while carrying out studies defined as privatization. Privatization Consultancy provides consultancy services to companies in line with the needs that will arise in this field. Privatization services in energy markets have a long tradition. While the purpose of such studies is to alleviate the burden on public resources, domestic and foreign investors are desired to be mobilized.

When it comes to energy privatizations, it is seen that a large part of such studies have been completed throughout Turkey. The energy sector is seen as a commercial area in terms of foreign capital as well as domestic capital. When it comes to energy, consumers should be able to receive these services cheaply, with high quality and without interruption.

In the process of delivering energy resources to consumers, it is aimed that the companies that provide service to the public within the scope of privatization. It is aimed to deliver the energy to the public in sufficient quantity and taking into account the public interests.

In addition, all consumers must provide access to energy in a quality and continuous manner and receive this service in a cheap way. The purpose of privatization in energy is to prevent institutions that are considered inefficient from being a burden on the public budget. During such studies, in which the private sector is engaged, public interests are taken into consideration as a priority.

The size of the investments in this area draws attention in the privatizations to be made regarding electrical energy. Various methods are used in order not to force the limited public resources in this area. These applications may include the build, operate, transfer model or the build, and operate method. In addition, transfer of operating rights or auto producer-style financing-based models can be preferred.

While directing the private sector to energy markets through these practices, it is important for companies to receive information from consultancy companies on the subject when studies are to be carried out, in order to analyse laws and regulations correctly.