ACC Energy & Consultancy

Installation & Takeover

Many needs of companies may arise in the energy markets. Among such requirements, the Installation & Takeover phase is also among those that need to be addressed. When investing in the energy market, companies may need to get consultancy services on some issues.

Managing this process with a professional perspective creates a financial advantage for the company. Quick follow-up and realization of business processes in a short time is possible with the right consultancy service. In addition to legal issues, it is possible to understand the legislation in a short time through consultancy companies.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority, also known as EMRA, works on issues related to energy markets. In addition to regulating legislation, this institution also performs supervisory duties. While it is important for companies to follow the regulations closely when they are going to invest in the energy markets, in order to understand their rights, it is also necessary for the execution stages of the business.

While it is possible to understand the administrative and legal process correctly thanks to experts, private consultancy companies in the market also conduct data analysis from time to time. For these reasons, receiving consultancy services makes it easier for the company to follow the developments closely.

While there is a lot of information that companies that will invest in energy markets may need on legal issues, an expert point of view is needed about the pre-license phase, the needs that will arise during the facility installation processes and the contracts to be signed in this period.

In addition, when it comes to unlicensed electricity generation companies, share transfer and merger & acquisition processes are among legally important issues. Depending on such reasons, companies may need consultancy.

Share transfers and mergers of companies are among the things that companies should know about investing in the energy markets. Consultancy companies work with experts in order to make such analyses in terms of an efficient working environment, as well as correctly analysing the rights of the companies.