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Distribution and Retail

EMRA, which is known as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, acts as a regulatory and supervisory institution. This institution has the administrative autonomy of the public legal entity. The authority of the institution is needed in order to present the energy resources to the consumers in a sufficient, high quality, environmentally friendly and low cost manner. In the case of Distribution and Retail Sales, these studies must be carried out in accordance with the law.

Distribution privatizations have brought new structuring to the agenda in price formation. These regulations must meet the conditions determined by EMRA. Separation of retail sales operations from distribution activities means that the authorities they hold are limited for distribution companies.

While the various needs of the energy market are in question, EMRA carries out its activities within the scope of private law provisions. Depending on the need for a financially strong and stable energy market, it may be necessary to carry out audits as well as various regulations.

While the work of the institution is based on the principle of transparency, it serves the purpose of realizing an independent regulation and audit in the market. While there are many issues concerning the energy markets, it is possible within the scope of EMRA’s work to carry out many transactions such as rights and obligations covering the activities of legal persons in electricity markets.

In addition to distribution, when it comes to retail sales, it is an important work to deliver energy to end users in the most efficient way. In order for this study to be carried out under the desired conditions, it is a feature that increases the quality of the work that companies receive support from expert consultants.

Legal regulations made for distribution and retail sales transactions within the scope of EPDK should be followed. Professional work is an advantageous situation for companies to have a strong and reliable brand image. The market share of the company that will serve in distribution and retail sales is very important. For these reasons, important tasks are assigned to consultancy companies.