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Energy Legislation and Regulation

The regulation of legislation for energy markets is carried out by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority called EMRA. When a study is to be carried out on this subject, besides the legislation, the decisions of the institution should also be taken into account. Energy Legislation and Regulation are among the issues to be followed by energy companies.


While it is necessary to closely monitor administrative and legal processes in addition to the legislation, it is facilitating to seek consultancy for companies in the energy markets. Issues concerning energy legislation include licensing and pre-licensing processes for generation companies. These processes can be followed by the successful work of consultancy companies.

In addition, the existence of legislation concerning distribution companies draws attention. For distribution companies, it is obligatory to consider the tariff methodology. When it comes to mergers or acquisitions of companies, in addition to compliance with the law, the legislation should be followed closely.

While EMRA is the party that determines various obligations, it carries out the necessary studies for the supervision of energy markets. EMRA is an institution subject to private law provisions. While the activities of the institution are determined within the scope of this law, there are also regulations that companies are obliged to implement.

In addition to stability in energy markets, it is desirable to have a strong financial structure. EMRA contributes to studies in this direction by making audits as well as regulations. The institution continues its activities based on the principle of transparency.

When working with consultancy firms, it becomes easier to closely follow current developments in energy markets. In order to understand the legislation and legal processes correctly, obtaining consultancy services will facilitate the activities.

While the services that can be obtained through consultancy firms are varied, energy companies are guided with reliable studies as well as process follow-ups. Such services, which are needed in the energy markets, are among the preferred works for companies.