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License Application

It is seen that companies in the energy markets have passed some research stages before entering into such investments. One of the pillars of these studies is the Licence Application. EMRA, which performs the task of regulating as well as inspecting the energy markets, is known as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

The application defined as a license is valid for legal entities. Legal entities acquire the right to operate in the markets when they have such a document. In energy markets, it is important for companies to get support from consultancy firms when they are going to apply for a license in order to manage a correct application process.

Depending on the criteria determined by EMRA, the activities that can be carried out by obtaining a license are defined. Production as well as transmission and distribution processes are subject to licensing. Licenses are also required for retail sale, market operation, import and export.

While companies that plan to operate in the energy market for electrical energy must obtain separate licenses for all activities, the licenses also vary according to their field of activity. The licenses to be issued by EMRA; generation license, organized industrial zone generation license, transmission license, market operation license, organized industrial zone distribution license, distribution license, supply license.

When issuing such licenses, it is based on a certain period of time. While it is seen that licenses are granted for a maximum period of 49 years, the valid period for generation and transmission licenses is 10 years.

It is observed that legal entities subject to the provisions of private law are subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation when they make investments in the field of electrical energy. For these reasons, companies should also obtain information from the legal point of view and in accordance with the legislation before investing.

Private consulting companies work to fulfill this task. Consulting companies provide professional service as they have data analysis for energy markets. For these reasons, they can be trusted to receive service from them, and they also provide guidance for companies that plan to invest.