Asset Management

For companies in the energy market, experienced teams are needed when it comes to Asset Management. Energy investments can be made through power plants as well as distribution networks. It is seen that market analysis before investment becomes even more important.

Energy Legislation and Regulation

The regulation of legislation for energy markets is carried out by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority called EMRA. When a study is to be carried out on this subject, besides the legislation, the decisions of the institution should also be taken into account. Energy Legislation and Regulation are among the issues to be followed by energy companies.

IPO Strategy

While the Public Offering Strategy is an important working process in terms of energy markets, these activities are important for distribution and retail companies. Such studies, which attract foreign investors as well as strong domestic investors, also show the interest and trust in companies. It is part of the operation that companies have their own methods during such transactions.

Privatization Consultancy

It is necessary to have knowledge about process management while carrying out studies defined as privatization. Privatization Consultancy provides consultancy services to companies in line with the needs that will arise in this field. Privatization services in energy markets have a long tradition. While the purpose of such studies is to alleviate the burden on public resources, domestic and foreign investors are desired to be mobilized.

Distribution and Retail

EMRA, which is known as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, acts as a regulatory and supervisory institution. This institution has the administrative autonomy of the public legal entity. The authority of the institution is needed in order to present the energy resources to the consumers in a sufficient, high quality, environmentally friendly and low cost manner. In the case of Distribution and Retail Sales, these studies must be carried out in accordance with the law.

Project Management

When it comes to Project Management, it is not enough to talk about the organization of the project alone. Within the scope of such studies, in addition to accurate and effective energy projecting, supply management should also be well adjusted. For this, the foresight of consulting companies is needed.

License Application

It is seen that companies in the energy markets have passed some research stages before entering into such investments. One of the pillars of these studies is the Licence Application. EMRA, which performs the task of regulating as well as inspecting the energy markets, is known as the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

Installation & Takeover

Many needs of companies may arise in the energy markets. Among such requirements, the Installation & Takeover phase is also among those that need to be addressed. When investing in the energy market, companies may need to get consultancy services on some issues.